Once again I’ll be linking up with Jaime with my Stream of Consciousness contribution for the weekend.  My crazy brain free-writing? Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Not sure how it got there, but I currently have the song “My List” by Toby Keith in my head. Certainly not one of his more popular songs, so I suppose its got to be one of the lines ringing true for me. Its time that I make time for that…Raise a little hell, laugh till it hurts, put an extra 5 in the plate at church.

Confession: I wrote this through the week. I wanted to make sure I could play along.

Today I read quiet a few chapters of Sh!t My Dad Says while sitting in my car, parked under a shade tree, in the city park. Normally I work out at lunch, but my partner has ditched me these past couple of days. I headed to the library yesterday and was excited to be able to dive into one of my selections today. The dad reminds me a lot of my dad, if my dad would have been a nuclear medicine dude instead of a mechanic/dump truck driver dude.

I’ve been running around for almost 2 weeks solid. Part of me wishes my life would slow down so I can rest. The other part of me says I can rest when I’m old and do feel like doing anything else. For now I’m burning the candle at both ends, and enjoying most every moment of it. Mostly just excluding the moment my alarm clock goes off in the morning, and afternoons at work when I’m struggling to stay away.

That’s my 5 minutes up! Why don’t you set your timer and get to writing?