Today I’m using a blue-tooth keyboard for my iPad mini for the very first time. I tend not to blog when I’m away from my desktop, which can limit me certain times of year. A friend let me borrow the keyboard she never uses, so we’ll see if I like it.

So far so good!!!

I keep thinking I should say the words  “sorry I’ve been a bad blogger” cause that’s what everyone else says when they go for long stretches without posts. But my regret about blogging has nothing to do with my blog friends. If it did, the correct phrase would be “sorry I’ve not been an available friend.”

Which there is some of that.

But mostly my blog regrets are to myself. I’ve had these epic life moments and failed to record them for memory’s sake. How is that a thing? Guilt for being too busy with life to record life. Shouldn’t I be happy to have made those memories?

Maybe this means I should vow when life slows down to blog them any way – even if its months after the events happen. I have pictures to jog my memory. And maybe just beginning the writing will help. If not, I suppose it wasn’t much to retain any way.

Seriously, times up? That’s all you get from me?

I’m linking up with Jaime – let me know if you do so I can read yours! I’ve definitely been a bad blog reader these days. I’d love to be lazy yet still keep up with how things are going with you.