What a better time to pause and give thanks? Hopefully I’ll be caught up on my sharing by the new year. I have super awesome news to share, but I’m leaving that for SOC Saturday. No, I’m not preggers, moving, or getting a promotion. Its nothing to do with me, directly at least. But it truly thrills my soul.

And now, the list:

4744) Daddy’s perfectly cooked burgers
4753) Extra day with the in-laws
4760) Christmas in a candle
4772) Green Bay Packers on TV
4789) Library full of options

4792) 2 parents
4793) a bike
4794) a non-leaky roof

4804) Bible study Christmas party
4819) Beautiful Star song at church
4822) Family who cares enough to visit
4839) Throwback Thursday – happy memories

4845) New running kicks
4851) FREE books!
4864) Comfy new outfit
4873) Run plans with friends

I’ve at least caught up to last week. For what have you been thankful for this Christmas season?