Its been a while since I’ve joined Jaime for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and today I’m fixing that.

Cause you know how much I love typing it all dramatic like

  • I’m writing this a few days before Christmas. Because I’ve been neglectful of doing these posts, despite the fact that I really enjoy them.
  • My But Seriously post started out as a SOCS post, but then I went over my 5 minute and didn’t have everything out I wanted to say.
  • I’m ready for Christmas – early as always – and now wondering why I finish so early. It seems like the longer I drag out the season the more I sit, twiddling my thumbs a few days in advance

For the new year:
I want to do all those trite “resolution” type things

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Be more organized around the house
  • Take time to date my husband
  • Find outlets to serve others
  • Put down the phone/iPad and be present and available with those I love.

Now to find a way to actually do those things, not just talk/write about them. Do you have goals for the new year? Resolutions? Sure fire tips for staying on task?

about them.