I have nothing to wear.

Cause that is one corner of the closet of someone who has a shortage of wearable clothing. I replay those old standard lines in my head, missing the forest for the trees.

These days I spend my money on a clothing all right, just not the kind a girl would wear out and about. I have work clothes, I have have church attire, and I have run gear.

 But when it comes to casual wear, I don’t have much between casual fleece and office sweaters. Truth be told, I don’t often need them. Rarely do I go out that a fresh sports bra and race tee don’t count as “cleaning up.”

This past December, I found myself singing the same ole song. I’ve got nothing to wear. I’m fat. I wish I weren’t poor. None of those things is true, but I find myself easily defaulting to those tired lines.

Since fashion isn’t something that excites me, I decided to change my attitude. Why stand out, when you were born to fit in? I don’t mean personality-wise. I am me. The older I get the more I’m okay with that. Happy with it even.

Struggling to look cute is not something I’m okay with. For one Christmas party, I opted for the standard black and white sweater with a red scarf. Nothing that was memorable for anyone but me. And I loved it. It was comfortable, the appropriate level of dressiness, and left me feeling that my wardrobe was a non-issue.

Then for Christmas my hubby got me a super-cute tee with skulls on it. Please forgive my goozle in the above pic. Its our family curse. As my cousin so lovingly said that day “You’re not fat, you’ve just got bad genes.”

But back to wardrobe. My sis and her family got me a super cute scarf set.

A bit of unintentionally twinning – paring a plain pink tee with a cute scarf. Both of these things got me thinking – maybe I’m over thinking this fashion stuff. Me over-thinking anything? Not exactly a stretch for anyone who knows me to believe.

As my 35 birthday rapidly approaches, I’m starting to think I won’t be stuck in an athletic wear wardrobe after all.

What’s your personal style? Do you try to be trendy? Classic? Or do you see clothes as a way to not be arrested for indecent exposure?