Making: a meal plan and grocery list for next week
Cooking: crock-pot meals, tonight trying a new potato soup recipe
Drinking: bailey’s + chocolate vodka
Reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I missed the boat the first time around.

Wanting: to go to sleep. I’m finding it more and more difficult to stay away until 9 these days. Marathon training? Or old age?
Looking: for ways to use my spiritual gift. Or at least test it to see if my hypothesis is accurate.
Playing: Trivia Crack – I’m growing bored of it, but I’m in too deep to get out now!
Wasting: time. Playing Trivia Crack.
Wishing: I had the $$ for a cleaning service. I hate daily chores.
Waiting: on my next run. I’ve had some ups and downs this training cycle but for the most part I feel like it hasn’t really been hard. So of course I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Liking: our new MacBook – Jay isn’t use to the programs, so he hasn’t made the full switch yet. I very much enjoy blogging from it (instead of my iPad mini)
Wondering: How the marathon will turn out – I’ve invested more time into this training cycle. I’m interested to see how it pays off.

Loving: running. I’ve already done my 18 miler, yet I haven’t reached the burn-out stage yet. 11 weeks down, less than 6 to go.
Hoping: for an exciting 100th monthiversay/Valentine’s weekend.
Needing: sleep. Its officially 9:02.
Smelling: sharpie – I got new recipe cards for Christmas and the glossy finish requires a marker to prevent smudging

Wearing: My favorite flannel jammie pants

Noticing: The hum of the HVAC. Our house would be so quiet if that sucker didn’t run constantly in the winter.
Knowing: new skills are on the horizon, and I’m looking forward to them.
Thinking: about my study of Daniel and Ezekiel. Dudes had some weird dreams/visions.
Feeling: tired. Have I mentioned how sleepy I’m getting this training cycle?
Opening:a new tab to read other people’s blogs.