Here are the rules: there are no rules.
Okay maybe there are a couple of rules – set your timer for 5ish minutes and get to writing. Don’t forget to link up with Jaime when you are done. I can’t wait to read what you decide to share!


Now its my turn – buckle up and let’s get started!!!

Does it count as SOC if I keep deleting my text? I mostly want to whine about being tired. Seems like that’s all I get done these days. Then I hate that I want to whine about it, because otherwise this marathon training cycle is going great! I’m actually losing a bit of weight, the miles are easy, and I haven’t missed any major runs.


Each night I struggle to stay awake to the 9 o’clock hour.

I hate that this is my post though. So many other awesome things going on that I could talk about instead of sleep deprivation. I’m like that annoying mother who dreams of having a baby, talks about how awesome babies are, then complains about a 2am diaper change.

If this is what I wanted, why am I complaining?

So, instead, I’ll focus on “all these awesome other things” – like the girls weekend that is my marathon. We’re starting to plan who’s car we are driving and what-not. We’ve had our hotel booked for months.

Non-running related, I’m excited that my favorite band – Skillet – is going to be in Knoxville next Friday at the Winter Jam concert.  Also a week from today, my darling and I will celebrate the 100th monthiversary of that Friday the 13th when we first met. Not to mention the 14th – Valentine’s day, and the 16th – Presidents day (to be celebrated with a hike).

Oh, and as you are reading this, I’ll either completing my 16th half marathon or celebrating with a nice, long afternoon nap.

Hope you have a great weekend!!