Previously at Ragnar: Part 1, Part 2

After finishing my night time loop, I hoped to get some more sleep. Running in knee socks made cleaning the mud off my legs a breeze. I did, however, have one flaw in my evening plan. I made no plans for a recovery meal after running. At this point it had been 7 hours and 5 miles since my last meal. I settled for an oatmeal creme pie, some peanut butter filled pretzels, and beef jerky before hitting the air mattress for another snooze.

The team spent the morning hanging out at the camp site and I had plenty of time to chill before I tackled the green loop. While it is the most tame of the 3 trails, I wouldn’t call it easy by any means. Perhaps it was my sleep deprivation or poor fueling, but by this run, my legs were toast.

Bob handed off the timing belt one final time at 1PM. The sun had come up and started drying up the soupy mud, but there was still plenty left on the trail. The footing wasn’t as treacherous as the night before, but there were some spots were this girl got dirty.

The heat and humidity of the day also took a toll on my overall pace. While I wasn’t racing these loops, I did wear my Garmin to have a record of my performance. It also helped me to know how much of the trail remained.

I charged my phone so that I could cart it along with me and take pictures but I forgot it. After getting on the trail, I didn’t beat myself up too much. It was certainly the least interesting of the 3 trails.

Towards the end, I passed a dude who was walking. He let me know that he hadn’t run in years, but somehow thought Ragnar was a good idea. By this point in the race, his knees were toast. His pacer brother was ahead on the trail calling back and trying to encourage motivate him.

Brother: Less than a quarter mile to go.

Me: I’m pretty sure he’s lying to you. But the faster you go, the closer you will be to done.

The brother informed me this was dude’s 36th birthday celebration. As we crossed the 0.2 to go mat, I mocked him for being old. Then his brother encouraged him to sprint the last part in.

Me: You aren’t going to let an asthmatic girl beat you, are you??

He answered me without words, as I ate his dust.

Earlier in the morning, I told Gretchen I would love her forever if she met me at the exchange shoot with a frosty adult beverage. As I handed her the timing belt, she handed me a can.

An empty can of beer.
Son of a baconator!

Turns out, Amy had my real beer waiting for me outside the tent.

The aforementioned heat and humidity got the better of Gretchen during her run, and she went straight from her hand off to Todd to the medical trailer. After we saw she was going to be okay, plenty of goofing on her occurred. I vowed not to post those pictures, but I’d love to meet with you for drinks and have a good laugh at her expense.

She had recovered well enough to join us as Todd completed both his and the team’s final leg. Then it was time for team pictures and our latest bling!

 This is an experience I definitely want to repeat in the future. Hopefully without the thunderstorms. And who knows, maybe next time I’ll actually train on some trails!