Thank you Jesus. My life is so incredibly blessed, the stressers I face are almost laughable. Almost, because while they seem small in comparison to the struggle of others, they sure press down hard upon me.

Yesterday, I entered gift #6000 into my journal. That, itself, is a gift – to still be recognizing, recording those glimmers of heaven. Another day, month, year has been presented to me. I can appreciate it, if only I allow myself the time to meditate on that which surrounds me.

With the changes coming, both actual and anticipated, the temptation to become a malcontent will be great. The paradise I enjoy now isn’t staying the same, and may well be ruined.

This doesn’t give me license to complain or even become annoyed.  The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.
Praise the name of Yahweh.
Job 1:21

5959) Opportunity to help random lady at the grocery store
5960) Pre-mother’s day dinner with Mama & Mamaw
5974) Nature walk + talk with the girls
5989) Words of grace to share with the hurting on Mother’s day
5995) Watching new TV shows with Jay
6000) The Princess’s 11th birthday
6006) Enthusiasm over new training plan

Do you look at changes with dread or excitement?
What this past week have you been thankful for?