Only 4 working hours until my vacation begins!!!

The cruise doesn’t leave until Saturday, but Jay and I are driving a good portion of the way tomorrow afternoon. The friends we are cruising with live 2 hours from Charleston. We’re staying over night with Holly & Todd. Saturday morning, we are all going to caravan to the port.

I’m still not 100%, so I skipped yet another workout. Instead, I used today’s lunch hour to shop for new sandals. I didn’t realize until I started packing earlier in the week, but I don’t own a pair of brown heeled sandals. I’ve had several straps break on shoes this past year or so, but I have so many I haven’t bothered to replace them.

Until today that is. I stopped at 3 different stores and tried on at least a dozen pair. These weren’t exactly what I was looking for (the heel is a bit thicker than I’d like), but sometimes a girl has to make compromises. Especially when said girl wears a size 9 narrow.  

I’ve still got a few last minute things to pack, toiletries and the like, but for the most part I’ve got my clothing packed up and am excited to head out!!

Sorry I didn’t get around to pre-scheduling posts while I’m gone, but I hope to have some epic photos and stories when I return!!

Are you vacation this summer?