Our cruise returned to US soil last Saturday. That’s a full 10 days of Internet access without blogging a word of it. And I pretend to be a writer!!!

I took my iPad (but not the Bluetooth keyboard) with every intention of writing a daily synopsis. I didn’t have Internet, but I could always copy/paste to post when I returned. In reality, I used the tablet to read when I was in bed and didn’t want the overhead light on.

Then of course I came back to laundry, a week’s worth of work (ya know, what I’m expected to do in exchange for a meager salary and a Cadillac health care plan), not to mention the epic #firstworldproblem of re-entry into life.

A week without cooking, dishes, or housework can really spoil a girl!!!

After a few days of the post-vacation blues, my social life picked up and I’ve had a full calendar since Friday. I write all this in an attempt to assuage my guilt for not giving my blog as much attention as I feel I should. Because you guys are totally out there judging me right??

If not, its because you’re not out there. EEEK – that’s worse. After gaining 7 pounds on the cruise I’m a bundle of insecurity and self-doubt.

So here I am. Blogging, while not sharing much of anything. How about a 2-for-Tuesday synopsis?

  1. The weather was perfect.
  2. We had a blast.
More later. Including, but not limited to: kayaking, blue moon martinis, stand-up-paddle boarding, Cards Against Humanity, snorkeling, Todd & Holly’s vow renewal ceremony, Lido deck’s hairy chest contest, and Cotton-Eyed Joe.