After focusing on what I haven’t been doing in Tuesday’s blog post, I thought I would switch it up and share something I’ve been stellar at these past few months. READING. Every year on Goodreads I set a yearly goal for myself.

In my first year of tracking (2012) I surpassed my book-a-week goal, reading 64 over 52 weeks. The next year I upped my goal to 75, and fell just 2 short. Last year started off slow, but then I picked it up and finished with a respectable 59.

This year, I set my goal at 60. By April I was over half way there (counting audiobooks). At this point, I’ve consumed 101 books, with 58 of those being actually read by me (either a print or ebook). Barring anything horribly tragic in the next couple of days, I think I’ve got this in the bag.

Currently Reading

  1. I’ve been on a roll lately listening to autobiographies (in audiobook form, of course) of comedians as well as humor essay compilations. I mostly listen during my commute, or while doing mindless data entry at work. These lighthearted tales keep my mood upbeat despite the mundane.

    Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris, read by Neil Patrick Harris is no exception. He had to alter the Choose-Your-Own format for the audio structure, but his team did a good job with their workarounds. Of course having him perform the books, rather than just a straight read makes it enjoyable as well.

  2. My current fiction read (Kindle loan from my library) is Sea of Monsters – Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Book 2 by Rick Riordan. I’m only a couple of chapters in, so I can’t really speak to this particular story, but I loved the first book.
  3. On a more serious front, I’m also reading Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters by N.T. Wright. I try to always have a non-fiction Christian book in the stack. This is a bit weightier than I am accustom to, but I enjoy his writing style. Having never read Wright, I trust his words based off associations with others I’ve read including Scot McKnight and Timothy Keller.

What are you reading these days? Have you finished any must-reads which I need to add to my list?