This morning I came to the stark realization: I have boobs. I realize, given my recent post about the 35 years I’ve spent on this plant my epiphany seems a bit delayed, but allow me to explain.
Thanks to my mother’s fabulous contribution to my genetic make-up, I’m a pear shaped woman. Defined by its small top and larger bottom, big chests need not apply.
Most of my life I’ve bemoaned my lack of endowment, until I became a runner. Shopping on clearance racks I can purchase sports bras in the $10 range, while friends with greater “needs” spend upwards of $50 for a good running undergarment.
These days, for me personally, boobs symbolize fat. My chest is the last place I gain weight, the last place I see it. Even my face gets a bit of extra puff before the girls.

So this morning, when I realized my v-neck tee required a camisole for modesty sake, my heart sank. This is the message my mind has been rejecting for a few months now.
Past time, really, to push away from the table and stop my free-for-all with food. To consider what I’m putting into my body and why.
I’m not sure I’ll ever crash diet again, or be so totally focused I get to my goal weight of 125 (a number I made up in my head half-a-decade ago). The Whole 30 sounds appealing and scary all at the same time, although highly impractical with the holidays approaching.
All I know is that I’ve got to do something. Good genes/jeans will only help for so long!

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