Tomorrow, my darling love turns 36.  
What better way to celebrate him than post several photos which will most likely embarrass him? 

I love how in the photo to the left he’s trying to look mean, but can’t quite pull it off. The snap is from a hike to Rainbow Falls with out-of-town guests.

Sure, we’ve been known to bicker on the trails.

Brooke, you’re acting like a hungry toddler.
Have a snack.

Thankfully he’s also not one to hold a grudge. Ultimately hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

My nephew and I like to say “hashtag dangerous is fun!” And yes, hashtag must be said. My husband, Jay, however is the king of the DIF movement. He loves pushing the limits of what he can do.

I’m pretty sure there are deep rooted psychological reasons for this – given that his mother wanted to put him in a bubble after his hemophilia diagnosis. However I can’t deny that life on the edge is a bit more fun.

But seriously, we’re always safe. Promise.

He gets sick of me perpetually wanting to take selfies (us-ies?) or at least he pretends to be annoyed. I love the smirks he makes when I take the pictures, so I don’t mind his annoyance – real or pretend.

I took the photo on the left at a Tennessee Smokies game a few years ago. Unfortunately this year, we didn’t get to very many games.

Speaking of unfortunate: those bangs! Since this blog is about him not me, we’ll just move right along.

Living in a tourist town has its perks. Sure I may gripe about traffic, but the tourism industry is the reason both Jay and I are employed, despite not being directly in the industry ourselves.

In addition to that, we frequently have the opportunity to attend free concerts and other types of entertainment. The idea of course is to draw in tourists for sales, but we are still able to have a good time.

In the case of the photo on the left, Jay and I headed up to Moonshine Holler (home of the original Old Smoky Moonshine Distillery and Store) to hear his favorite musician Daryle Singletary perform.

I’m really not sure why everyone in picture (save us) looks miserable. Free moonshine, free music, can life get any better?

Actually it can. A life of love with the one who constantly puts a smile on my face.Happy birthday to my favorite scruffy nerf-herder in the galaxy!!!!

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