In previous years, I’ve made it my goal to run over a dozen races over the course of the year. One a month isn’t that difficult to manage, given the abundance of races and events in this area.

However, this year, I’ve cut that race number in half. To date, I’ve only participated in 5 races + 2 relay events. Baring anything unforeseen, I plan on saving the registration costs and sitting the next couple months out – at least where racing is concerned.

My 20th half marathon will be next year (Lord willin if the creek don’t rise) and I want to train and really do well at it. My plan starts now building a good base, and then tweaking my speed as the race gets closer.

While I hope to train for a personal record (PR) next year, this year’s goal has definitely been about enjoying myself and those I’m blessed to run along side.

Before going to Europe, signed up for the Farragut 13.1 and had hoped to train for a good time.  Unfortunaedited - farraguttely the respiratory crap while while I was over there made me change my definition of “good time.”

The first three or so miles I ran with a buddy of a friend.  She is training for marathon, and so her stamina was a bit better than mine once we started up the hills on the course.  For the next couple of miles, I took the rolling terrain at paces comfortable for me.

After the hills were behind us, I started chatting with some random dude on the course and we ended up sticking together until the 13 mile marker of the race. I love chatting with new people, learning about their goals for the race, motivation in training, and even in life.

Runners are an interesting lot, and I love getting to know them as we enjoy a tackling miles together. As he went on to finish his race, the pacer helped me not walk in the final quarter mile uphill finish. The whole experience made me excited again about training over the winter for spring marathon.

Then this past weekend I had the pleasure of pacing a couple friends of mine in a 5K.  For one it was her first ever race for the other it was a personal record. We had fun dressing up in our glow gear, but also in watching then push forward to get the race their all.

edited - vibe 5K

I love the reminders of how much the running community excites me, look forward to 2016 filled with old friends and new faces. Have you begun to get set your goals for next year yet?