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Here’s a little backstory about how the Friday Five link-up works. At the first of the month, Kelly plans out the topics for the next 4 or 5 weeks. This discussion this week involves 5 people who would make interesting dinner guests.

I’ve been considering this idea for several days and I’m not sure I could make this dinner party work. I know in theory all obstacles are removed – if the person is a celebrity or dead, or to make things more difficult a dead celebrity – so that anything could happen.

I just can’t wrap my head around how I could be interested in conversing with Agatha Christie, if Jesus were sitting at the table beside her. Instead, I’ve decided to go a bit rogue. My husband will be with me at all these dinner parties – in the eyes of the church we are one, so that’s not stretching the rules too badly.


I’m going to be a bit wild and demand these parties happen at 3 different times. I want to focus on each person and treat them like the special guests they are. Or would be. If I could make these happen.

First up – Saint Peter. Kelly’s suggestion seemed like a good one; don’t make these selections that would be realistic. Since the Holy Spirit dwells within me (1 Corinthians 3:16 ) , God eats dinner with me every evening, so He’s out of the running.

Peter, however, qualifies. Sure I’ll see him one day, but when that happens we will both be focusing on God, not taking time to chat with one another. I’d love to hear all the stories about how he walked with Jesus, see the tear in his eye when he recounted his denial, watch the smile creep up when he remember his restoration.

A different evening I’d invite Lou Gehrig, former New York Yankees first baseman over for dinner. In planning this particular party, I recalled my original interest in the Iron Horse came from the biography his wife wrote about their life together, My Luke & I.

If not for Eleanor, I’d never have started my reading marathon of all the biographies written about her record-setting husband. Because of this, Mrs. Gehrig would be my 3rd guest choice.

My final dinner party would center around writer David Sedaris and his partner Hugh. I don’t even know Hugh’s last name. In fact, I know nothing about him beyond what his darling has written about him. Yet in the way only books can connect strangers, I feel like I know him.

Sedaris is much like I fancy myself – creative, amusing, and a lover of good stories. Hugh, therefore, must be like Jay – patient, kind, and even tempered. I’d love to have them over, and hope to make my way into the thought journal Sedaris mentions in  writing like its an old friend.

I’d love to hear his stories in person, but also ask him questions about writing and his creative process. This particular evening would be both entertainment and a learning experience, for he’s the kind of writer I aspire to be.

Now its your turn! Who would you like to invite over for dinner? And can I be a fly on your wall for the evening?