While I’m linking up with Lauren’s “Wish List for Her” – What I truly mean is gift guide for me. If you are shopping for a special person in your life who enjoys being trendy on the cheap, an active lifestyle, or writing, please feel free to steal any one of these ideas.

EDITED - Overview


  1. Boot socks
    Originally “boots” were on my Christmas list. Then I decided I didn’t want to wait another 6 weeks and purchased them for myself. I know what you are thinking: “Socks for Christmas? That’s what my grandma gets me. UGH!”Don’t consider these socks, but rather an inexpensive way to play dress-up. And honey, if you are reading this, be sure to tell your mom to get them in the gray/black family so they’ll go with my new boots.
  2. Casual jewelry
    These days, I wear jewelry with just about everything. Perhaps its because my short haircut leaves me feeling unfeminine, especially when dressing down. All that changed after I got my first cuff bracelet. It makes me feel spunky, trendy, and cute.
  3. Dressy jewelry
    Thanks to Amazon, dressy jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. Like the first couple of items, dressy jewelry is an easy way to make a work outfit I’ve worn a million times feel like a fresh new look.
  4. Tall running socks
    I know, I know. Again with the socks.Not wanting to look like the geek I am, my sock collection is full of no-show or ankle heights. In the winter, however, ankles can get cold. A good quality pair of running socks can be pricy, so I’m hoping someone in my family marks this item off my list.
  5. Hiking pants
    My frugal nature just wants to wear standard workout gear for hikes, but no pockets means I have to carry my phone/camera in my backpack. Which of course makes picture taking an event, as I stop, take off my bag, and retrieve it.
    Another perk to theses pants is the half-zip feature. This means they can either be worn as pants or shorts. The bottom part zips away and compacts. Hot day? Let’s go for shorts! Tall grass? Pants it is!
  6. Hiking backpack
    I currently carry a standard school backpack while hiking, but a friend is nagging me to buy a new one. Most of the hiking bags comes with framed support to lift the bag off the back to help with ventilation. They also come with support straps across the body so that the load is distributed, rather than resting all on the shoulders.
  7. Pens
    I have a paper calendar,a thankful journal, and a notebook for sermon notes. For these writings, I like to have nice pens. Partly because I just like the smooth feelas Iwrite, but also I like to color code. Surely this gift for under $10 will make it under my tree.

  8. Journal
    Despite having never met the man, I consider David Sedaris my writing memoir. His works fascinate me, as does his practice of writing snippets of his day in a diary of sorts. While I’ll probably never get a chance to dine with him, I’d love to pick up the habit myself.Journal in hand, capturing every-day vignettes, I would picture myself a real writer. Each mundane day would be viewed through the lens of a story.Then again, perhaps I am asking a bit much from a $5-$30 gift.


Have you started writing your wish list? What do you hope to find in your stocking come Christmas morning?