During Monday’s run, my training buddy Kelly and I were chatting about this and that as we always do. Eventually we made our way to the topic fitness goals for the winter. We’ve both reached the point in our running that we enjoy running for the sake of running, rather than training to achieve a certain pace or distance personal record.

“What if we didn’t train?” she proposed. What if we purposed each week to log 6 workouts, across a variety of different activities? Running, biking, swimming, weight training, and walking could be our weekly standard. This would make time for a random aerobics class or hike if we so choose.

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My next half marathon will be my 20th, and while I briefly considered training for a personal record (PR) I’m not sure I’m mentally game for the challenge that comes with fast running. Instead, I found myself saying “Let’s do it!”

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So far this week, we’ve stuck with the plan. Next week’s holiday is planned for as well. Weights, cycling class, and swimming will occur at the first of the week when we have access to the gym. I’ll run near my house before Thanksgiving lunch. For black Friday we’ll be heading to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a hike.

Will you be holiday travel impede your fitness plan? Will you be cooking, or visiting family?

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