Since childhood, my holiday expectations have been built around family traditions. I’m sure this isn’t unique to me, but I am incredibly partial to our rituals.

For Thanksgiving, my aunt would bring a poster board and a marker. Each of us had to write what we were thanful for, then everyone would review the year’s wworth of blessings. I recall one year predicting “Fred Thompson will be president in 2000!” Understanding I’ve always lived a blessed life, I cannot recall while I failed to give thanks for something which had actually happened.

I also don’t know why she stopped bringing the poster board. Perhaps she grew weary of teenagers (and then twenty-somethings) mocking her festive attempts. This past year we were all grateful to get together, but never gave voice to our blessings.

Jay’s family never traditionally had ham for turkey day, but his mom added it into routation because I don’t eat turkey. She also takes special care to bring ¬†chocolate based desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth.

With each year, we melt slowly into a family. Not me & Jay, and my family and his, but rather all of us. Family.

I hope to write more in-depth in the weeks leading to Christmas. What are some holiday traditions you insist upon?

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