Because sometimes joy is a choice to refocus the mind, I’m linking up at Mrs. Disciple as we focus on the joy of the season.

Is there a difference between happiness and joy? I suppose it depends on who you ask. I often find joy in things which began as a small bite of happiness, but grow into cherished memories and time-tested traditions.

Red Velvet Cake

My great-grandmother spoiled us all with her red velvet recipe. When she passed away, several family members attempted it bake it. To say their failure were miserable is to be honest, but perhaps not kind.


Thankfully over the past few years my aunt has been able to successfully make the deliciousness. Of course it would be the aunt who mothered a kid with a nut allergy. So its slightly less delicious than my Mamaw’s but I suppose its worth it so my cousin doesn’t die.


I love experiencing Christmas through the perspective of a child. Who happens to inhabit the body of a 40 year old man. Thank you Will Ferrell.

“Santa? I know him!”

Regift Dirty Santa

My extended family long since outgrew gift exchanges. Everyone has become more and more difficult to buy for. What do you get for the person who has everything? Cast offs from your own house. Yes, my darling husband really did receive breast feeding nipple guards for Christmas last year.

Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing says “Merry Christmas”like binging my way through the entire 8-count of the Pillsbury package while waiting on my darling to awaken. This attempt at a new tradition gone sideways, makes me more than happy to share Christmas morning with my in-laws. Nothing wakes Jay more quickly than fear his mom and I are talking about him.


New Years Eve

As with any good tradition, I’m not sure exactly when or how it began. Spending the last day of the year at my sister’s house and welcoming the new year is always a blast.

The Princess (my niece) hosted her homemade version of Family Feud (with surveys complete thanks to social media). A friend’s 11 year old showed me how to play a Jurassic Park game and convinced me to download it to my iPad.

What we are doing isn’t really important when my big sis and I get together. We speak the same language and know how to enjoy each other no matter what we decide to get into.

What brings you joy over the holiday season?
Have you ever attempted to create a new tradition that didn’t go over so well?