Christmas movies help get me into the Christmas spirit. As kids, my sister and I watched the now-classic Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman movies.

In keeping with the holiday theme, Ernest Saves Christmas, A Very Brady Christmas, The Santa Clause, and the remake of Miracle on 34th Street were favorites in the high school years.

Clearly I lean towards light-hearted entertainment. I remember thinking Dylan McDermott was cute, or else I  probably wouldn’t have been interesting in 1994’s Miracle.


Perhaps its my quirky personality, which leads me to less traditionally themed movies. Elf is a must for the Christmas season. I typically have it on while I’m decorating the Christmas tree.

I did my tree a bit different this year, so I somehow managed to see two other Christmas movies before purposing to watch Will Farrell in tights.

Why I Like It:

The wonderment of a childlike spirit makes Christmas magical. The belief that a holiday can bring a family together. Not to mention the excellent advice “See gum on the street? Leave it. It’s not free candy.”

A favorite from the past, Ernest Saves Christmas, is available via Netflix streaming. I wrapped presents Sunday as Ernest helped “His big, red, oneness: The Claus” secure a replacement before the December 24th deadline.

Why I Like It:

Even those of us who are awkward can lend a hand.

Bad Santa happened to be on the TV one of the evenings I partially decorated the tree. Definitely not a movie you want to admit to watching in front of your mother (hopefully mine isn’t reading this), but I can’t help but laugh.

Why I Like It:

He’s not a great guy. In fact, Billy Bob Thorton’s character sucks. Outloud. Yet deep down, he does the right thing. Kinda. Sorta.

Another guilty pleasure is Love Actually, which actually isn’t that bad if its the TV edited version. That one couple takes the movie from an endearing, holiday favorite to a blush-worthy move watching experience. I hope to catch it when it airs tomorrow (the 17th), otherwise I’ll stream the unedited version on Netflix.

Why I Like It:

The assortment of different couples gives us someone to relate to, and something to hope for. The story of the straying husband would be too intense as a stand-alone movie. The Prime Minister falling in love with Average Jane would be too fanciful.


What movies are on your must-watch list for the holiday season??