Turning the blog over once again to a couple of ladies who offered to share their thoughts on surviving the holiday season. I hope you can find a blessing in what they have to share.



Instead of her story or traditional advice, Liz provided me with 2 recipes which help her holiday be a bit more cheerful.

1 part old family holiday photos
1 part cheerful company
1 part cocktail – optional

Combine ingredients and enjoy through out the season.

2 shots pear vodka
1 shot triple sec
Lime juice
Cranberry juice

Coat the rim of a high ball glass with lime juice. Add shots, ice, and fill the remainder of the glass with juice.

Liz is a good friend of mine, who I have never met. We first encountered one another over a decade ago on a message board for the TV show Lost. Since then our friendship has grown deeper. I can’t wait until we finally get to chat in real life.

Crying Over Crushed Cookies

Holidays, while living overseas, were hard. Being in a foreign country, nothing was familiar. I craved anything that transported me home. I remember finding a certain type of holiday cookie that I loved and was overjoyed with God’s provision. I saved them for a rainy day.

The “rainy day” came. I realized that our part-time cleaning lady had organized the pantry and found a VERY small corner for my prized cookies. They were crushed. I held my bag of crumbs and tears flowed. I felt ridiculous for crying over cookies but my heart was crushed along with them. What God had provided, another had destroyed. Isn’t that what we experience so often in life?


I learned a lesson that would prove beneficial in the many hard days ahead – there is always something to be grateful for. God always provides. And crushed cookies still taste good.

Let them give thanks to the LORD … for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Psalm 107: 8–9

Andrea Stunz writes at http://www.emptyplatefullheart.com.

The final days before Christmas are upon us. I pray you find the joy of the season in some way, and that it would carry over into the new year.