As I discussed earlier in the week (or last year as its officially called), purpose is vital to me. Wandering aimlessly down a path leads to a lot of wasted time.

I want to start 2016 with focus. As Lysa Terkeurst writes in The Best Yes, you steer where you stare. Time to consider what I want out of 2016 and how I’m going to achieve those goals.

1. Lose 15 pounds. Discover the living definition of moderation.

I hope to accomplish weight loss with a few tweaks to the ole diet: Less booze, less soda, more fruits and veggies. Sounds simple enough right? Try telling that to some of Jay’s clients wanting to take us to Smoky Mountain Brewery for beer, pizza, and hot wings tonight. READ: 3 of my favorites + very low will power. If only moderation was as easy as it seems.


 2. Read 52 books Finish the Harry Potter series

I love to read. My annual reading challenge is only difficult if I let myself get behind in the early months. 52 books this year is practically done already.

Making one of those 52 the final installment of the Harry Potter series? Now we are talking challenge. I’m not sure if coming to the game late made a difference, knowing the ending, or Rowling killing my favorite character just as the books were starting to get good.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been on my nightstand since June of 2015. Unless I make reading it a priority, I’m likely to find it sitting in the same location this time next year.

3. Run 777 miles

I enjoy the act of running. I enjoy the way running makes me feel. So why do I find it difficult to stay in motion? I’m not sure.

For the sake of my mental health, however, I’ve got to log the miles. Some arbitrary number doesn’t interest me. Perhaps focusing on a different task each quarter would keep me moving?

First up: My 20th half marathon.


4. Hike 100 miles every month

I love having the Great Smoky Mountains National Park so close to where we live. Having said that, the park is still 45+ minutes away (depending on which section we want to head to).

Also, since there is no cell reception, I don’t feel comfortable hitting the trails solo. I want to hike more than I am able. This year I’d like to do one hike a month. Now to make it happen!

5. Write one letter or card per month

In my mind, I already do this. With no real log of it, I can’t be sure. Jay and I sponsor a kid through Compassion International, so I try to send him letters regularly. Same with my cousin who is in prison.

Sending birthday, sympathy, and thinking-of-you cards is also something I want to be more consistent with.


Would it be too strict or excessive to do a performance review of myself on the last day of each month? Perhaps the wording is what’s too severe. How about I just update the ole blog with my top 5, recording how I’ve progressed in each?

I’m linking up today with Kelly and her Friday Five party. Let me know if you decide to join in, I’d love to read your post. Otherwise, just hit me up in the comments with your thoughts on what you’d like to achieve for the year.