Since the moment my feet hit the floor on January 1st, I’ve been geeking out about my 2016 planner. Even before that, I was legitimately bummed to not be able to start using it the moment in December I opened the shipment.

I’ve really felt motivated to get all aspects of my life in order. This particular planner is big enough to encompass it all: budgeting, household chores, food planning, goal setting, and hourly tasks which fill my day.


Yesterday, however, I started to feel overwhelmed. January 5th. Not even a week since starting the new year, I got discouraged. I had a full day. The only moments on the 6 AM – 9 PM hourly schedule not accounted for were those 16 minutes before my alarm sounds in the morning.

My meal plan for the week hinged on prepping the crock pot last night, although I didn’t arrive home until after 9 PM. I almost let my schedule prevent me from enjoying the time spent chatting with ladies in my Bible study over coffee.


I’m not sure if a voice in my head or the voice reading my current audio book said the words, but God reminded me that the purpose of having purpose is people. I want to plan for life so that I can enjoy people and activities to the fullest. I don’t want to arrive home, change into my jammies and be done with my day at 6 PM.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can never go home and crash. One thing I hope to accomplish by being more scheduled is to actually enjoy relaxation. Jammies, my darling, and a movie shouldn’t be a mindless default, but rather time spent enjoying one another.


So basically, my aim is to live life planned out and only purpose, but not so much that I can’t enjoy life.

That pesky moderation concept just won’t leave me alone.

Do you have difficulty keeping the balance between planned and overwhelmed? How do you find ways to schedule while leaving room for life to happen?