I considered it revolutionary when someone (friend? book? blog?) that the behaviors of your spouse which frustrate you the most are often that which attracted you to them in the first place. His work ethic becomes putting his job above family. Her free-spirit eventually makes her late – perpetually.

Its no stretch, then to see that the same is true for myself. Often that which endears some to me can deflect others. As my favorite TV detetive Monk says “Its a blessing. And a curse.”

1. Fun-loving/irreverent

Humor is vital. While Jay and I don’t share the same sense of humor, he understands the importance of making me laugh. I lean heavy on sarcasm, a language he doesn’t always understand. Like Katniss and Peeta we have our “real or not real” moments.

My favorite games are the ones geared around humor, like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Outrageous would be a good word to describe the fun we had on our cruise last summer. A friend brought a pack of cards, we parked ourselves in comfy chairs in the ship’s lounge and laughed until our sides hurt.


Sometimes, however, I don’t know when to stop making jokes. I find myself using humor as a crutch in awkward situations, which typically results in the situation becoming more awkward.

When my bossed hired a new guy for our department, I was instructed to keep all comments to myself so as not to scare him. Apparently I made a few off-hand remarks about his politeness as he walked by my desk to his interview which scared him.  He seems normal now though, so no lasting harm.

2. Analytical

I think. A lot. Too much sometimes.

I love structure. I’ve shared with you my yearly planner, as well as my prayer journal so this should come as no surprise. One of the reasons I love teaching a Bible study class so much is the in-depth nature of learning the material.

When not acting goofy with my friends, I love getting together with one or two other ladies to discuss random topics at length. We now refer to these gatherings as “wine & Jesus” because we always tend to come around to discussing spiritual matters.

Thing things through to their fullest isn’t always the most wise course of action. Anxiety builds in my heart as I run through different scenarios of any give possibility. One friend posted on my Facebook wall “Anxiety Girl: Jump to conclusions in a single bound.”

Which leads me to…

3. Frugal

I’ve always been good with money. I remember as a kid, I had a plastic Donald Duck piggie bank. I cut flaps into the coin slot so that I could more easy drop paper money into it. Then when it got full, I’d dig them out and take them to the bank.

Jay and I (along with a couple friends) opted for the thrifty tour of Europe, camping or staying in hostels as our tour bus took us to 7 different countries in 2 weeks. The most sacrificial part of the journey for me was having to fit 17 days of clothing into one backpack!


These days, I’m not sure if I’m being frugal, or just flat out cheap. I still cut open lotion bottles, as my mother did before me, to be sure to get the last drops out. I collect hotel/sample sized tolietries to throw into my gym bag. I even make a game of coasting down hills on backroads to ensure better fuel economy. (Also because tourists on back roads drive obnoxiously slow, and if I don’t make it a game I’ll go crazy. But that’s another blog.)

4. Honest/critical

Speaking of horrible drivers…in Bible study last week, someone in the class was trying to make a point about how we don’t know another’s situation and shouldn’t judge. She used the example of a little old lady driving slowy, who might be scared because she is being tailgated. Despite being the teacher/leader of the class, I didn’t hesistate to say “the little old lady’s family should love her enough to get her off the road.”

Honest, but not necessarily kind. My mother knows I’m the daughter to ask if she wants an honest assessment of her hair, outfit, or other pressing life matter. Likewise, she also knows I’m the daughter to avoid if she’s feeling particularly fragile.

For the most part, I’d put my bluntness in the “blessing” column but when I’m on the receiving end of such comments, I’m not so sure.

5. Dependent

The world celebrates the self-sustaining, self-made, and self-reliant of our generation. As much as my compulsive personality would love to live in an orderly bubble where no one can mess up my personal space, my spirit wouldn’t be able to bear it. I need people.

I love my husband dearly, and while I would love a magic wand to zap him into a tidy person, I’d rather have him and his mess than go back to living by myself. (And let me clarify I loved living alone. So much so, this frugal gal paid extra in college to not have a roommate.)


As much as I loved watching church on TV, in the comfort of my jammies, I crave the connection that comes during Bible study as we sit in a circle discussing hard truths.

There will always be a small part of me who will always be the little girl who hid behind her mommy, clinging to the one who gave her unconditional love. Even still, I pray I cling to He who loves me more than I can comprehend.

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In 5 words or less, how would you describe yourself?