Around these parts, we don’t get a lot of snow. During any given winter, we may get a handful of storms bringing flakes and accumulation, but nothing lasting over a day or two.

Earlier this week, we got our first snow of the season. Within 24 hours, the snow had disappeared from the roadways and grass.


Even for just an inch or so of snow, life comes to a halt. Lots of hilly, curvy back-roads make for bad conditions. The school system has begun shutting down in anticipation of a snow event. Add to that parents who have no alternate childcare, and those who just don’t feel comfortable driving in those conditions.


My employer, however, feels its important that our building stays open if at all possible. Jay has taken me to work many times, and he enjoys playing with his Jeep in the snow. If the accumulation isn’t all that much, my front-wheel drive Toyota can handle the job.

Watching the news reports building up to Jonas, I got excited thinking about massive quantities of snow. Our neighbors to the west in Nashville were posting pictures all Friday of the snow falling like crazy.

Instead, we got rain.

Thankfully, Friday night it turned to snow and we’re back at just over an inch of accumulation. They say comparison is the thief of joy, and in this case “they” would be right. Normally I’d enjoy a Saturday watching the snow fall all day.

Today I just felt disappointed it wasn’t more.

Since I always go to work come hell or high-water snow, I am grateful that the bulk of the snow came on the weekend. I’ve been able to watch and enjoy it and treat it like a snow day. I started a new book, watched a couple of movies, and even took an early nap.

While I was watching one of the Harry Potter movies (for the first time – don’t judge), Jay notice wedding photos being taken at the cabin next door. Not sure if they were just staying at the cabin or actually got married there. Either way it was sweet to watch them pose, knowing God gave them the perfect weather!


Tomorrow, church is running on a limited schedule (1 service instead of 3, no Bible study classes), so I’m going to stay home and stream it online. Then Jay and I are gonna head outside with the sled and have some fun!

Last year, we made snow people using pool chairs and bathing suits. We also built a snowman tall enough to dunk at the community basketball hoop. This year he wants to do something else creative. Any ideas for us?

Did Jonas affect your local weather at all? Are you a snow fan, or a hater?

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