Today has been Monday all day, as the saying goes. In the coming weeks, I hope to post a little something to help start your week. (Lord willin’ if the creek don’t rise.)

Ladies from my Bible study group joined Beth Moore last year for her Siesta Scripture Memory Team, and are continuing it into the new year. I’ve grown discouraged because I don’t think all 26 verses from 2015 have found a permanent home in my mind.

Logic implies that to try and fail at this task is better than to not try at all. I’m already on my 2nd verse for the year, and have started making graphics to save to my desktop at work.

Please feel free to save or share.


My current verse is from Psalm 37. Instead of going to a free photo site, I decided to use a picture my darling Jay took of me while we were vacationing at the Grand Canyon. I got the font colors just right and felt so incredibly proud.

But you know what “they” say (and by they I mean God and the Psalmist):

Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16:18

Psalm377 - 1-typo-edited


Perhaps next time I should type out the verse in a program which provides spell check, then cut and paste into my editing software.

My desktop photo alternates between the typo and version 2 of the same verse.


I chose this verse because I’ve had a change in my work environment. Both a new desk and a new boss will take some adjustment. As will the silence of a shared work-space. I sat far enough away from others at my old desk, I streamed music all day.

Now, as I sit in the silence, I want to grow comfortable in it and listen for Abba.

Do you have a verse you are working on memorizing? Perhaps a favorite quote you use as a mantra?