At the first of the year, I set out 5 goals for myself. I hesitate to call them resolutions because the term suggests rigidness and comes with a sense of failure from years past. Instead, I want to live life as a work-in-progress.

Growing up in church, we sang a song called He’s still workin’ on me. A few decades later, I struggle with the truth of that message. 

Discover the living definition of moderation

The balance between tracking every morsel and eating as if every day is Mardi Gras still eludes me. I’ve weighed a couple times this month, so see if the changes I have made are paying off, but so far no such luck.

At my quarterly wellness assessment, my weight had gone up (a couple pounds) but my body fat had gone down (a couple of percentage points). My head discounts the body fat calculation as some sort of error, while having no trouble accepting the scale’s acknowledgement that I’m getting heavier.

I’ve done fairly well at menu planning for dinners, and I’ve even found a new recipe I like. The plan is to have it for dinner again tonight. Who knew I could have a Pinterest recipe success?

Most importantly, I don’t feel like a big fat fail for not having lost 5 pounds this month. There are plenty of changes I still need to make for optimum health, but not obsessing about weight loss and food is a great place to start.

Finish the Harry Potter series

The friend who forced me into the Harry Potter world suggested I watch all the movies before progressing to the last book. During the snow day I had a couple of weeks ago, I watched movies 4 and 5.

I’ve sent her a reminder for the 6th movie. When I’m done watching it, I think I’ll be ready for the final book in the series.


My other reading goal is to read 52 books for the year. With 3 already under my belt and 5 more in-process, I feel confidently on-track. Yes, I’m reading 5 books at once. I’m mostly certain I have a problem.


I decided to shelve the half marathon training program for my 20th half, and just run for the fun of it. Crazy concept huh?

A couple of days, my running buddy and I have gotten a bit wild. Instead of a prescribed run, we got outside and walked until we felt like running, then ran until we felt like walking.

I’m really loving this approach, and the freedom to enjoy myself it is giving me.

Hike every month

My hiking plan for the year has been the only goal I’ve made more concrete since the first of the year. I learned that in honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is awarding a special commemorative pin for those who hike 100 miles this year.

Log sheets have to be turned in by December 6th, which dictates an average monthly mileage of 9ish miles. I’ve hiked 2 trails so far: Rich Mountain Loop and Abrams Falls (recap to come), for a total of 13.5 miles.


So far so good!

Write 1 card or letter, monthly

At the first of this month, I wrote a thank you letter to my sister and her family for hosting our annual New Years get together.

I also sent a birthday card in response to one of those “this kid wants a billion birthday cards to help cope with personal tragedy.” While the story not properly vetted, the poster is one I trust. I keep cards and stamps at work, and used my office as my return address. What’s the harm in light of the potential blessing?


Overall, I’d say I’ve had a good start to the year. Lord willin’ (if the creek don’t rise) I can keep it up.
How are you doing with your goals for 2016?