Election season can be hard on a marriage, or at least, it is for me. My darling and I don’t have a Jim Carville/Mary Matalin type relationship – and thank goodness! I’m not sure our strong opinions would survive combat every 2-4 years!

Instead, imagine a battle between Wolverine and Captain America. One is passionate, the other defensive. One an aggressive, the other trying to deflect blows with the power of the shield of truth. Wait…am I mixing up Marvel and the Bible?

Moving right along…

Dating is an important way for couples to feel connected. It’s all too easy to pass like ships in the night, especially when one is darting into the bedroom to shut the door and get away from the TV and 24-hour news channels.

Some of my favorite date memories are also a bit unconventional:

Laser Tag

To celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday, a friend invited us to play laser tag. Having not done it in years, our skills were bit rusty. We played 2 rounds and had different strategies each round. We were most successful when we paired up and watched each other’s backs.

I don’t think I have to draw a picture to explain the deeper meaning.

Playing in the snow

Whether it’s building a snowman, sledding, or having a snowball fight, nothing beats playing outside when the temperature drops and the precipitation falls. My darling and I live in east Tennessee, so we don’t get to experience it often.

Nothing is more romantic than enjoying the hot tub, an adult beverage, and the company of my love while the snow is coming down.




Build a Fire

As of late, we’ve done a lot of staying home dates. One thing that’s sure to keep us in the same room and communicating is using the living room fireplace. Not only does it help cut back on our electric bill, but we must stay attentive to make sure the fire doesn’t go out.

Another easy word picture for marriage?




The county where we live borders the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and I like to take advantage of it whenever possible. On minor holidays, we have a standing date to go hiking with some friends from work. We try to pick a difficult hike because it’s the one chance they have to hit the trail without their 5-year-old.

Unlike other National Parks, ours doesn’t have an entry free. We also love the chili dogs from a neighborhood market right outside the park, making this one of the cheapest dates a couple could ask for!



Prior to our first date, Jay and I had never met in person. We’d MySpace messaged one another, and had one very brief phone call. We had no clue if the chemistry would be right, so we didn’t plan more than just dinner.

He did, however, have an ace up his sleeve. A couple friends of his were on standby. We clicked almost instantly and he invited me to continue the date at the nearby bowling alley. Since then we’ve been bowling with other friends, but I don’t recall ever going just the two of us.

Perhaps this blog has given me an idea for Valentine’s next Sunday?
What are some of your favorite dates? Do you have a standard go-to or do you prefer to mix it up when you go out?