My mohawk loud and proud.

A fake smile.

Extra make-up.

Over the years, I’ve worn my share of armor. 

Insecurity, depression, fatigue – each has its own coping mechanism.

What if, instead of my weak attempts to control the situation, I turned it over to God?

Ephesians 61011.jpg

Strength to stand against the forces of evil sound dramatic doesn’t it? My recent car trouble doesn’t seem to fit.

Only I’ve found myself missing motivation this week.

I haven’t been able to run at lunch due to visits to the mechanic’s shop and the car dealership. When I arrive home, I don’t bother to open my laptop and write. Tidying the coffee table doesn’t even register, and I keep forgetting my favorite author’s book is laying untouched on my nightstand.


If losing ground to depression isn’t a tactic of the devil I don’t know what is.

Truth = the Lord will not forsake me

Righteousness = the blood of Christ restores me

Peace = He invites me to cast my cares upon Him

Salvation = this world is NOT my home

The Word = reminds me of these truths

Abba – Please protect me. Renew my mind. Help me to see all you’ve blessed me with. Protect me with Your armor. I thank you for valuing me when I feel worthless.

What does wearing His armor look like in your life?