Earlier in the month I ran my 20th half marathon. Seems bizarre to me. On one hand, I feel like running has been a part of life as long as my husband (read: for-ev-er, but in a good way).

On the other hand: holy guacamole! 20 half marathons in the past 6 years? What kind of beast does that? 

In writing a race report, I can’t provide a traditional outline of each mile. I ran only 1 (you read that correctly, one) training run of 9 miles in anticipation. I didn’t have a strategy beyond “run a lot, walk some, go slowly, try to finish upright.”

Check, check, check and check.

I also wanted to use this race to test out a fuel belt SLS3 provided for me to review. I had read (or so I thought) on the race website that gels would be offered on the course, so I didn’t carry any. I did, however, want to be able to carry my phone in order to get in contact with Jay and my friend after the race.

As it turns out, only water and Gatorade were provided on the course. I regretted not using the double pocket design to ask stash gels. My phone stayed safely tucked away, save for the moment I pulled it out to grab a photo of the older gentleman wearing the “I Run for…” sign on the back of his shirt.


The belt rested at my natural waist comfortably. As a pear shaped lady, elastic always gravitates up on me. I started it there and didn’t have a complaint. I liked the double pocket feature to separate items. Keys and phone can go in one pouch to not be touched (or lost) mid race, and the other can be used for gels or other on-the-run supplies.


Getting back to the race, I kept a comfortable 10:XX pace. I started with the 5:00 marathon (2:30)  which turned out to be a mistake. I couldn’t keep their 11:XX pace comfortably, so I went on ahead.

The 4:45 group must have been fast, because despite my 2:22 finishing time I never caught up with them. I never really got in a chatty grove with random people along the way (my preferred way to half) but I kept my mind busy with music, walk breaks, and 4 different appearances on the course by my cheering squad.


My real goal for the race? Surviving and feel good for the post-race party my friend Holly throws in my honor the Saturday after the race annually. Thanks to a good nap, I enjoyed each of the 5 courses (with appropriate wine pairings) she presented to us.


Chip Time: 2:22:11.
Pace: 10:55
Gender Place: 132/218
Overall: 288/421


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