I’m a lover of words, concepts, and books. Sometimes I can get caught up in the hearing (or reading as the case may be) of the Word, I don’t take the opportunity to do what it says.

Like when I silently roll my eyes as my husband’s chatter interrupts my Bible study time. Or else when I actual vocalize my request for his silence.


Leading up to Easter, my church encouraged each Bible study class to organize another (((Love Loud))) initiative. Previously, Crosstalk (the class I attend) has ministered to the community at local Laundromats.

This time, we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of washing their clothes, we gave away ours. Among a couple dozen ladies, we found enough excess in our closets to host a free yard sale in a low-income neighborhood.

When we packed up in the afternoon, we only had between 20-25% left. I delivered the remaining items to the local children’s home, and they expressed their gratitude for the abundance. The lady I spoke with couldn’t believe the quantity of stuff constituted the leftovers of 25 women.

I could only explain it in 3 words: Loaves and Fishes. The Lord provides abundance where it ought not be.

As a class, we only spent $40 on this project. We rented a park pavilion and purchased poster board to make signs.

Some gathered for themselves and their family. Others mentioned knowing a neighbor or a relative who could use the items. All were encouraged to take what they thought they could use.

I feel confident God will continue to use the fruit of this project to reach more families than I can imagine.

While I’m sure we will continue to brainstorm ways to serve our community, I hope this is one project we can revisit in the fall.

Does your family, church, or work community encourage service projects? Do you have any suggestions my class should consider for the future?