Groundhog Day strikes again. Not the actual day, of course, which happened a month or so ago. Rather I’m referring to the Bill Murray phenomenon.

Picture it: East Tennessee. A young 30-something girl picks up her laptop to hammer out a post about thankfulness.  After a search to see where she left off last time, she thinks to herself: Self, could it really have been that long?

Unfortunately, my suspicions are correct. I haven’t blogged about gratitude since my Thanksgiving post. Meanwhile, my 1,000 gifts journal has grown by 1200+ entries.  So at least there is that.


My current plan is to catch up over the next month or so, and then stay current.  Not only does it help me to recall the blessings in my life, I hope it helps others remember to pause and return thanks to God for all He’s done in their life.

Of course, I’ve also been planning a Part 2 post about persevering, but…
Or am I just helping my readers learn to stay the course while they wait? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

On to the thankful list, picking up in the 7100s:

7100) Gentle words from the Holy Spirit
7112) Land auction – Papaw meeting us
7120) Support and love of Bible Study ladies

Oh wow. These entries feel like a lifetime ago. These are from the spring-summer range of last year. I suppose my post in November was yet another attempt at getting caught up.

7132) Coworkers who share
7142) Wine & Jesus (and Gretchen’s yummy steaks)
7157) Reading in the park

Now we’ve moved on to the timeless blessings. Those which I experience and log on a more regular basis. At one point, I considered only writing down each blessing once. Instead, I decided to be grateful each and every time the opportunity to enjoy it came into my life.

7164) Easy clean-up of copy toner mess
7173) Chat with church leader – agree to disagree
7181) Fall allergy help (Singulair)

Blessings don’t always look like gifts. Sometimes they are hard moments, forcing me to step back and realize gratitude is a choice. I’m not sure I’ll ever completely learn this lesson, but Abba is patience to remind me when needed.

7190) Putting my feelings to paper
7193) Sleep
7194) Coffee

Then there are those things for which I never grow tired of giving thanks.

I’d love for you to share some of your most recent blessings with me! When is the last time you paused to fully appreciate the gifts in your life?