Now that spring is here, seems like the perfect time to flip through the pages of my gratitude journal from October and November. Okay perhaps November would have been the perfect time, but now is the best new time.

7200) warm shower
7212) Bible study class – honest conversation
7224) help from a coworker


7236) having  & following a to do list
7242) library book borrowed from mother
7257) forgiveness from Jay
7260) affirmation for my boldness


7272) fog in the field on my morning drive
7286 broccoli
7298) generosity of Jay’s clients

Slowly I’m making way through trying different veggies to roast. Apparently last fall broccoli made it into the rotation. I’ve made the green tree a regular at dinner, given its low-calorie yumminess. Of course the easy of prepping for roasting doesn’t hurt either.

7301) new pillow!
7318) 9 years of knowing my darling
7323) generosity of new friends
7335) Dino park


7345) reading in the sunshine
7354) prayer closet
7364) rusting of leaves under my feet

Oddly enough, I experienced the sensation of leaves under my feet just this past weekend on Brushy Mountain Trail. True to its name, there were plenty of leaves, downed trees, and scruff along the trail.

7377) library classics
7388) HOA bonfire
7393) God pursuing me even when I just want to be left alone.



For what have you been thankful this past week? (Or if you’re like me, these last few months.)