For those looking for a checklist, I’d like to apologize straight out of the gate. This is not one of those posts. There are no 4 easy steps to being heaven-minded 100% of the time. Or maybe more accurately, if those steps exist I’m unaware of them.

2Corinthians 418

Perspective is a struggle for me. Always has been. I remember being the shy, awkward, moody kid – always hyper aware of my short-comings. With maturity, I’ve stumbled into grace after grace, thankful for the unmerited love of Abba.

Even still, as I attempt to focus on my blessings in life, my perspective remains skewed. Some days I feel grateful for the sun, air, and everything else which surrounds me.

Other days find me sneezing, squinting, and becoming frustrated with any other obstacle which dares to get in my way. On those rough days, even a small word of thanks can help me become more heavenly minded.

A friend of mine spoke to me just the other day about a holy discomfort in her life. What seemed like transgressions against her, with time and distance, revealed themselves to be encouragement from God to move her to a place of growth.

God isn’t always efficient, but He is always effective.

When sharing my current life circumstance with another friend, her pastor’s quote (above) immediately came to mind. He may be slow to work, or, at least, slow in my estimation, but His plans are far greater than mine.


If not for the bridge-less water crossings, snow covered paths, and bear encounters (I owe you that story later), I could cover ground more quickly while missing out on so many adventures along the way!

Whether I’m scraping my knees after tripping over a root, or the anxiety of if overwhelming me, the pilgrimage of life isn’t easy. When we refocus our perspective on God, we are able to see these hardships for the temporary blockades they truly are.

The grief felt at the passing of a Christian is the best example of this in action. We mourn the absence of them in our lives while simultaneously finding peace in their salvation. As the apostle Paul said:

To live is Christ, and to die is gain.

One day our minds will be able to fully comprehend eternity, and we will finally see things from His perspective. Until then, may the prayer of my heart be focused on the unseen, eternal.