Eventually, I’ll get caught up and will stop having to preface my thankful blogs with a note about the month these thanks were actually recorded. For now, I’ll clue you in that our wedding anniversary falls in November and let you calculate from there.

7400) Answer to prayers – anxiety about tummy issues
7413) House guests who help with dishes
7427) Townsend hot dogs for our 7th wedding anniversary


7433) Outdoor fireplace & waterfall at Friendly Falls
7441) Clear day with gorgeous views
7459) Opportunity to serve

While I know intellectually mission work can happen each day, I often think about service in grand gestures. I feel blessed when the Holy Spirit shows me ways I can minister to others in His name. I count myself doubly blessed when the acts of service involve things which I naturally enjoy.

7469) Discussion of scripture with Jay
7472) A place/community where I feel like I belong
7487) MIL making some of my favorites for Thanksgiving
7491) Allegra and Singulair (allergy medication)

Who would guess autumn would be #theworst when it comes to allergies? Although I’m feeling spring being a close second right now.

7500) Middle Prong Trail
7518) God’s accessibility via prayer
7523) New workout plan


7533) Jay + Daddy + football
7541) Laughing with family
7556) Sunday afternoon naps
7566) Friends who “get” me

Is there anything like being surrounded by family and friends who know the real you, and love you for it?

7573) Peach sunrise on a foggy morning
7584) Opening the porch door and listening to the creek
7594) Heartfelt prayer

What have you seen God doing this week, causing you to pause to whisper thanks? Do you have any blessings which cause you to feel like a broken record as you constantly thank him for them?