I’m currently reading a book called what women fear. In it, she suggests that perhaps procrastination isn’t laziness, but rather fear. Until I make the choice, I can always say I’m going to do it. Once I’ve made the decision and proceeded, failure becomes an option.

While it may seem dramatic, that was the exact state of paralysis I found myself in trying to decide upon a new-to-me car. 14 years with the same vehicle is a long time. I hope to make such a good decision again. What if I messed up?

My darling and I spent an entire Saturday shopping for the next member of Camp Fradd…blah blah blah. Let’s skip the boring part m’kay? If you want the full story, come to Camp with a bottle of wine and I’ll dish over pizza.

Because our family of 2 has 3 cars (Jay has a Wrangler leftover from his high school days), I had no pressure to make a quick decision. Meh wouldn’t cut it. The car I felt certain would be “the one” turned into a caricature of a bad used car shopping experience.

When Jay walked away from car lot because they refused to give him a car fax, as certain as turning on a light switch, I made up my mind.


We never planned to purchase a brand-new vehicle, but I’ve learned to never say never. The car is right (small, excellent gas mileage, cute). The price/terms were right (true 0%APR). The transaction was smooth and not at all icky feeling. (Cause not being icky is priceless.)

Call me a dork, but it’s kinda cool to be 35 and to only have ever purchased 2 vehicles. And both from the same car lot. (My first vehicle was a hand-me-down.) As we left, I shook hands with the sales team and said I hoped not to see them for another 15 years.


300+ words of introduction behind us, I’d like to introduce you to Jack Ryan. Named after Harrison Ford characters like his brothers Han (1988 Buick Skylark) and Quinn (2003 Toyota Matrix) before him.


I took possession of him with only 4 miles on his odometer. He now has close to 800 and I love him as much as the first day we met.

What do you look for in a car – fun, price, or function? Or does your vehicle seem like just the right mixture of the 3?