In an attempt to live life on purpose, I started 2016 with 5 goals I wanted to work towards this year. Thankfully “check-in every month” didn’t make the final cut. As expected, January received a prompt recap and I’ve trickled out since then.

Though it injures my type A-ness, I’m kinda glad I haven’t been regimented about it. After all, I’d hoped to become a bit more flexible with my goals. Checking in on the first of every month like a good little soldier might have been counter-productive.

Discover the living definition of moderation

A few weeks ago, I started tracking calories in an attempt to lose weight. I’m down 5 pounds so far, yet I haven’t compromised my goal of moderation. In fact, I’m closer to this goal than 4 months ago.

Instead of morphing into an obsessive crazy woman, I’ve found a place of mindful moderation. On the days I’m truly hungry, I allow myself to eat a few extra calories. Other days I stop myself from having a piece of chocolate I wouldn’t truly enjoy.

Then there are the weekends – any eating strategy which doesn’t involve pizza and beer with friends just isn’t going to work for me. Since I’ve started tracking my food, I’m forced to step back from an “occasion” and consider if the extra calories are worth it.

I’d probably grade myself a “B-” on this one. I’m still guilty of getting the fries and a fruity drink at a restaurant, but I think I’m headed in the right direction.


Finish the Harry Potter Series

Still haven’t watched the 6th movie, still haven’t read the 7th book. I suppose I’m waiting for some “me” time for 2 hours of television without Jay. My life involves more computer time, reading, or 30-minute sitcom sessions.

At the moment, I’ve finished 11 books for the year and have 5 in progress.  I’m not slacking, just otherwise distracted.


Right now my training partner and I are doing 3 days a week weights plan. In addition, the schedule calls for 2 days a week of running and 1 day of “active rest.” Yesterday marked the end of week 3 of the plan.

Speed isn’t typically my strong suit, but I’ve enjoyed the high-intensity intervals the plan calls for. Less than 20 minutes of running doesn’t seem like much until the pace starts to quicken.

I’ve only gotten 1 of those runs in a week, but I’ve also been keeping up with my hiking (see below), done a little trail running (seen a bear), and completed a 5K with a friend. All in all, not a bad year. Just a bit low on the mileage.

Hike Every Month

If life were handing out gold stars, I’d get one for my hiking this year. I’m 75 miles to my 100-mile goal for the year. Instead of focusing on longer, all-day hikes I’ve been racking up the miles by doing shorter hikes as the occasion calls for them.


We’ve hit the trails on holidays, as well as Sundays after church. Most hikes are in the shorter distance range, but we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. Instead of being selective about choosing epic hikes, I’ve discovered some shorter trails with beautiful scenery along the way.

Write 1 card or letter, monthly

While I’ve struggled to make the time to write a full-blown letter (my cousin),  I’ve done a good job with cards and short letters (my Compassion kid.) Holiday cards make things easier,  but I’m sure “just because” cards are appreciated. Given the lack of special occasions in April, I’ll have to get creative.


Picking Up Along the Way

Since returning from our vacation last fall, Jay and I haven’t been tracking or spending. Sure we’ve kept things within our means but haven’t done a great job with active savings. Time to change things up.

Much like my eating strategy, I want to be mindful of what I spend. I don’t want random restriction or “self-imposed poverty” as a friend use to call it, but I do want to stop spending willy-nilly. I’d rather have another stellar vacation than random shopping without a plan.

What about you? Are you still plugging away at your resolutions for the year?