This week’s sampler platter of thankfulness takes us from December all the way into 2016. I might get caught up yet. Hold please while I add that to my list…

7600) Sunday lunch with the parents
7611) Star Wars plans with the Macs
7623) Jay being social

Sometimes living a grateful life means looking pasts hurts and disappointments in life. I’m looking at you Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Silly being sad over a movie, but I wouldn’t trade the moment my nephew sympathized for anything. “I feel like you feel Boo.” I may or may not have even bribed him to snuggle with me later that weekend.


7637) Being okay with not having to be overtly friendly with everyone
7647) Cozy fire
7653) Finishing my gift wrapping
7664) Laughing with family about gag-gifts

Family tradition dictates a pre-Christmas ritual of exchanging crap gifts. The rule is that $0 can be used to purchase the gift. This always makes for an interesting evening.

7674) Mimosas
7686) Red velvet cake
7695) NFL – Cardinals versus the Packers

Nothing matches the agony of my two favorite teams fighting it out in the playoffs. My only comfort is knowing one of them is sure to advance!

7700) Purposeful Planner: Direction for the new year
7718) Computer of my own
7723) Game night

Dollywood Coaster

7735) Seeing the sunset whilst riding the Mystery Mine coaster at Dollywood
7748) God working despite chaos
7756) Coffee with friends
7760) X-men movie

Looking back at my list, sometimes I wish the entries were more specific. How did I experience God’s grace in that moment? I’m not sure. Then again, perhaps it’s just better to realize that despite the particulars, grace abounds.

7774) GRACE
7785) Jay’s snuggles after a bad dream
7798) Compromising with Jay about watching the presidential debate

How have you noticed God at work in your life this past week? Looking back over the past few months, what encounters prompted you to pause and give Him thanks?