book cover

This past week, Alexandra Kuykendall released her book”Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me.

One of the things I love about MY actual life right now? Opportunities like this to be a member of a book launch team. I received an advanced copy of the book, and wanted to share some of the notes I made as I went through each chapter.

Each month, Kuykendall chose an aspect of life to focus on living with purpose. Following the description of her goal for the month, she writes daily notes logging how she experienced the heart of what she is trying to accomplish.

In the same spirit, I want to share with you my notes as I read through the book. I plan on rereading with my Wednesday night small group, but these were my cursory thoughts.



If I’m trying to impress, I’m not loving well.” Pastor Steven

Not trying to impress those around me is a risk, an adventure. Am I willing to step out??


What is creativity? How does it manifest in my life? Sometimes I wonder if I missed the boat on this one.


Will the act of cooking ever be more than a necessary chore for me?

How can I make it an enjoyable adventure?



What are my passions?

Reading. Discussing ideas. Writing. Fitness? How can these things be used to bring God glory?

Home Organization

“That’s what having a house in-order is about, the ability to easily and freely use it to meet others’ needs.”

Sadly, the week I read this I told someone I couldn’t have them over because of the state of my house. I didn’t know at the time, but her “wanna get together” was because she wanted to see my closet to get ideas for her own.




“Its about making time with the right attitude.”

50% success rate is better than never attempting anything. If Jay (or family or friends) are too busy for a night out this time, that doesn’t mean I should throw my hand up and never attempt to organize another.


Aging body -> Am I giving it the attention it needs?

What aspect of this could I stand to improve? Self acceptance. Smart food choices.



How difficult is it to eliminate noise from my life? Not just obnoxious sounds but the clamor of social media?

How often do I use virtual noise to avoid: loneliness, jealousy, boredom, dissatisfaction? Quiet helps me calm, in turn makes it easier to listen for and feel God’s presence.


Today is a new start – launch it well! Make your bed. This 2 minute action can serve as the launching pad to getting things done all day long.


I hope to have more thoughts to share after my small group discussion. Which of these areas do you feel like need attention in your own actual life?