This is the story of my dieting life: Start the plan gun-ho for the exciting changes planned for my life, slowly get distracted, then fizzle out.

So here I am. 21 days into my 36th year and I feel no wiser for it. The week following my birthday, Jay and I traveled to Cape Cod for vacation. We stayed with my sister and her family for the week and had an incredible time.

Not surprisingly, I indulged on my vacation and gave little thought to food, beyond grocery shopping. Since we’ve been back, I’ve tried to get caught up on chores, sleep, and ease back into “normal” life. Of the 7 days we’ve been home, we have only eaten at home twice.

Cape Code 201606

The following culprits have dictated my food choices:

  • Team trivia at a local joint with the neighbors
  • Celebrating my parents’ anniversary with swimming & dinner out
  • Independence Day: Resurgence
  • Weekend getaway to Bryson City

Lots of burgers, beer, and few veggies to be found. All that to say, I feel like a big fat fail. Beyond those 2 meals, I haven’t necessarily made unhealthy selections. My brain, however, has already chalked this week up to proof of my shortcomings.

Bryson City 201606

Why, instead, don’t I chose to celebrate the incredible moments in my life, which happen to involve yummy (if not-so-healthy) foods? There is not a salad or a pair of size 4 pants I would trade for eating a picnic lunch in the National Park with my parents.

Perhaps it’s time I started focusing on the blessings in my life, rather than what I wish were different. What a novel concept. (Insert sarcasm font here.)