As I mentioned on Thursday, I received an advanced copy of The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp as a member of her book launch team. Today is the release day, but I haven’t finished the book in able to give it a proper review.


The graphics shared in this post were provided by the team, but contain some of my favorite quotes from the book so far.

Some in the church caution against reckless authenticity. They fear honesty among believers might glorify our sinfulness. How can we be salt and light to the world while admitting our own darkness?

Conversely, Voskamp argues that our broken moments, and how we allow God to use them, are precisely what the hurting world needs. When we admit that any light in our lives is of Him, we can then help others in darkness.


Instead of a “woe-is-me” pity party, Voskamp suggests a more practical way to deal with brokenness. Writing of her own personal experience, she illustrates how to Give It Forward Today (G.I.F.T) should be the mantra of Christ-followers.

Sight to the blind, rest to the weary, food to the hungry, and ultimately salvation from sin define the mission of Jesus on this earth. Likewise shouldn’t we give of ourselves?



How can you, despite (or because of) your shattered heart, give back to someone else today?

Can I pray for you to see God shining in your personal darkness?