Earlier in the week I attempted to list out my blessings with the aid of a prompt list. Instead of generating thanks in my heart, I ended up just listing things I ought to be thankful for. Fast forward to this morning, and I struggled with my attitude from the moment I woke up. The whys are important, but not to the point of this story. The difficulties were helpful in pointing me to my blessings.

This Thanksgiving Eve, I wear three pieces of jewelry. Each one to remind me of a different area of my life for which I am thankful. The pearl bracelet I wear on my wrist was a gift from my parents upon my graduation. I honestly can’t remember if it was high school or college, but they gave it as a sign of their love for me. They took pride in me and all I had accomplished.

Up until a few years ago, I took parental love for granted. Parents must love their children, and siblings always grow up to be close friends. The more I witness other people’s relationship with their parents, I realize that what my parents and I have is something special. The deep friendship I have with my sister isn’t standard issue.

Another padjective-bjay-editediece of jewelry I wear today is a skull ring Jay got me for Christmas. It would stand to reason that my engagement set it would be enough to remind me of my darling. The rings which symbolized a token of his love for me 8 years ago.

The skull ring, however, reminds me he still likes me after all these years. He appreciates the quirks of who I am, despite knowing the parts of me which aren’t so lovely. This morning as I cried, he wanted to cry with me. He didn’t share my frustration, but he felt my sadness. In that moment he demonstrated what Genesis 2 describes as being “one flesh.”

The final piece of jewelry I wear today is my Glow Girls bracelet. To use the phraseology of kids these days, the Glow Girls are my squad. I have friends (not limited to GG) that I know without a doubt are in my corner. These ladies are friends I can complain to, laugh with, and talk about deep truth of scripture with.

I feel blessed to have many friendships in my life. Not acquaintances, not people to chat with, but true friends. People I know will stick with me no matter what. People who aren’t afraid to speak hard truth into my life when that’s what’s needed. People who will listen to me whine when I need to get something off my chest. People who will open a bottle of wine when that’s what the moment calls for.SAMSUNG

While I’m thankful for each of these items, I’m more thankful for the beauty in my life that they represent. I’m thankful for the love that has been built block-by-block overtime, for the hardship we have weathered, and for the wonderful experiences along the way.

I may have woken up today in frustration that leads led to tears, but I’m resting on the truth that I am loved. I am loved by my family, my husband, my friends, and most of all love of God who blessed me enough to give them each to me as a part of my life.