Like any good southern girl, I’ve always addressed my father as Daddy. Whether I’m speaking to him, or just about him to someone else, I consider it his proper name. A friend once pointed out that since he isn’t her father, I should refer to him as “my daddy” but it just never took.

On the other hand, I’ve called my mother “mother” for several years now and I’m not sure why. Most of our lives, my sister and I addressed our female parent as “Mama” (alternately spelled Momma).

I still refer to her by this name when speaking directly to her. When I speak about her, however, she is always “Mother” to me.


This title doesn’t reflect any distance in our relationship – far from it. At least from my perspective, she and I incredibly close. In most cases, we talk on the phone on a daily basis and see each other in person at least once weekly.

Sure she gave birth to me, but our relationship has grown far beyond that. My mother is a spiritual mentor to me, as well as a treasured friend. She doesn’t mind to correct me when I’m wrong, and always offers gentle encouragement when I’m down.

On top of all of those cheesy, corny things (which are totally true), she’s also fun to be around. I’m not sure what I did to deserve a mother like her, but I’m grateful!