A couple of years ago, my Bible study group decided to join Beth Moore and her Living Proof Ministries in their plan to memorize 24 verses from the Bible. The Siesta Scripture Memory Team comes together every-other-year in an attempt to fill our minds with wisdom from the word.

While I struggled to hold on through the entire year, I skidded into December still plugging along. I didn’t find the memorization as difficult as picking a verse. I’ve got no lies to tell – decision making is a challenge for me. Something as simple as what to order at a restaurant can leave me paralyzed.

What if I choose wrong? What if the verse doesn’t fill my spiritual needs for the allotted time period? What if the verse is too easy? What if the verse is too hard?

At some point, the ridiculousness of the anxiety comes to the surface. If I spend the entire year meditating on Bible verse, I will be all the better for it. There is no choosing the right or wrong verse, but rather putting His truth before my eyes and committing to consistency.

I’ve already got my verse picked out for January 1st, and I plan on sharing it when 2017 rolls around. Okay, so it’s just a couple of days away, but still.

Romans 12-9.jpg

Instead of going with the official SSMT cover photo, I made my own. The verse I chose for my cover, while not an official memory verse, is the reason I want to make this commitment to memorization.

Have you started outlining your goals for the coming year?

I always feel awkward assuming anyone would want something I’ve created. I do, however, want to say that if by some miracle you like my scripture photos enough to save them for your own use, please feel free.