The book Overwhelmed by Kathi Lip & Cheri Gregory came highly recommended by Facebook friends, so of course, I had to grab a copy. With it came a printable planner download. The theme of the book is planning the life you want, rather than scheduling the life you’ve accepted.

There are certain non-negotiables in life. While death and taxes top the list, “adulting” seems to heap more and more responsibilities. As the title of the book suggests, this can feel quite overwhelming.

The book had plenty of good advice, and I recommend it to anyone wishing to refocus life back to that which is most important. The authors provided questions to consider and answer, as well as projects which coordinate with the planner supplement.

For me, the most meaningful project was the personal manifesto. Lip & Gregory each share her own creed, but also explain the importance of taking this activity to heart. Some opportunities in life should be accepted while others rejected. (Unless randomness tops your personal creed), this shouldn’t be left to chance or your mood at the time.

Having core values written out assists in making wise choices. I included the following:

Love God.PNG
Whether I currently live that way or not, I want God to be #1 in my life. I purposely positioned this desire at the top of the page, and hope to use the manifesto as a daily reminder to seek Him first.

Love Jay.PNG
Sometimes marriage can be challenging, but I never want to lose site of adventure. Jay and I have big plans for retirement and future travel, but some of those plans mean we need to take action today. Whether it be healthy eating, continued hikes, or financial investments, baby steps today add up for tomorrow. Beyond that, though, even making sure we spend enough time together that we still like one another by the time we reach our golden years is important.

The older I get, the more I realize my family has an exceptional bond. We’ve always been close, but I just assumed it came with the territory. Turns out, we’re unique and I want to cherish every crazy moment.

The older I get, I’m actually starting to feel comfortable in my own wrinkly skin. As that happens, I also appreciate the freedom to be the real me in friendships. I’m an introspective goofball. While my friends and I don’t have to be samsies, they do have to appreciate those aspects of my personality.

Sad to say, but it’s the love part of this equation I need to work on. A friend has loaned me a book by the same title. People matter; kindness matters. Why is that such a challenge?

Oh, Jabez. Who would have ever thought borrowing someone else’s prayer would have such a big impact on my life? Crazy thing is, just last night I confessed to Jay about my lack of faith in prayer.

God has plans for me, even when they don’t match my own. The hope of the future (as I said in the Jabez blog) is both exciting and scary!

Have you ever written a personal manifesto or family mission statement? What would you include?


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