I get bursts of creativity and inspiration, and in those moments, I come up with a game plan for more frequent blogging. This may be one of those times, but even I’m not convinced it will last. I do, however, want to write a bit about the Revelation Wellness challenge I’m involved in.

This time last month, I began the challenge and shared my motivation for my latest food and fitness program. I hate being the girl who tries a billion different things, yet I had a restlessness in my spirit which no other program could fill.

Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee

The Confessions of St. Augustine

Much like the quote suggests my unsettled spirit about pursuing avenues such as calorie tracking, the Paleo lifestyle, and the like reflected more on my motivation and less on the inherent goodness of the programs.

Instead of desiring wholeness – health of the mind, body, and spirit – I wanted a smaller pant size. I could talk a good game about fleeing from gluttony, but at heart, I pursued pride and vanity.


Enter Revelation Wellness and Alisa Keaton’s Facebook live videos. Sure, she discusses portion control, but front the perspective of why we are motivated to overeat. Putting aside shame and guilt, her teachings drill into our personal relationship with God. Get holy, and wholeness is a byproduct.

A friend who’s had success with Weight Watchers has been encouraging me for weeks (months?) to make a financial investment in my healthy eating pursuits. In her life, the money she pays to WW helps discourage her from going off plan.

Warning, tangent ahead:

I knew Weight Watchers wasn’t for me because it’s too similar to calorie counting – my idol from seven years ago. At this point, I am truly able to be grateful for God allowing me to become severely anemic. If illness hadn’t sidelined me from my tracking and training, I’m not sure how far away I would have wandered.

Hard to believe that almost 7 years have passed and I am still wrestling with the desire to eat healthily and lose weight, having gained little traction. My goal is to not get weighed down with how long it took me to get here, but rather focus on what I can do today to change my future.

Small tangent aside, my friend had a valid point. So when I saw a Revelation Wellness email mentioning their $29 special for an 8-week program, I decided to dive in. Unlike any other plan I’ve read, this one doesn’t even begin to talk about dietary suggestions (no rules, lots of grace) until week 3. The following week exercise is introduced.

Also unique to this challenge is the Bible study and related memory verses which accompany each video teaching segment. “Fitness teacher, gospel preacher” isn’t just a cute saying RevWell printed on workout gear. This motto is the driving force behind all they do.


At this point, I think I’m sounding like a commercial for them, but more accurately it’s a testimony of the work this ministry has done in my life. My relationship with food has been mended more in the last 75 days than I can recognize over the past 7 years.

Maybe next time, I’ll be able to address what I originally set out to write about – my progress report for the first 4 weeks of the program. I’m finally starting to have hope that this may really be the one, the way to honoring The Way with my life.