Five years ago, my darling love gave me an atypical gift for Valentine’s day. He and I sat down together, pouring over the Compassion International website, and chose a child in poverty to sponsor. My sensitive heart wanted to pick the most hopeless child – perhaps a little girl in Africa with AIDS or some other tragic disease.

Instead, Jay convinced me to think logically. His job is calculating returns on investment, and he channeled this line of thinking into choosing our sponsor kid. Which country provides the best opportunities for advancement? Which child has the best chance at success, if given the proper education?

Matthew 25_35

Our questioning and research lead us to Suman, a boy in India. He and my niece are the same age, so I felt like I would have a decent grasp of communicating on his level. Over the years, we’ve received letters (translated from his native language), drawings, and pictures of him.



Per the education structure of Compassion, Jay & I would sponsor Suman until the day before his 22nd birthday – 2025. Unfortunately, due to political issues, our time with Suman has ended abruptly. This article from the New York Times explains why, but only serves to frustrate me more.

What are the next steps? The obvious is continued prayer for Suman and other children in India like him. Compassion International is also mailing out packets with special “final letter” stationary. In one short statement, Jay and I must say goodbye to our little guy of 5 years.


Do the children understand why their lives are being disrupted? At this point, all I’m left with are words of love and hope. And the promise that Jesus will never leave no forsake us, under any circumstances.

Please not only remember those being left behind in prayer, but also those of us who will be saying our last goodbyes. May our words be seasoned with love for our Lord, grace for the unfortunate forces at work, and encouragement for our sponsored child’s future.