Over a year has passed since I last shared items from my gratitude journal. Initially prompted by Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 gifts, the list has surpassed the original goal and then some. While I haven’t been blogging about them, I’ve still recorded items weekly.

Coming up on a major milestone of logging has prompted me to return to the original idea of sharing snippets on the blog. Last April I left off on #7800, and would like to pick up there today:

7802) Moving offices at work
7811) Packers vs Cardinals playoff game

Oh wow – these items prove just how far behind I am! Time has gotten away from me, and I can’t remember exactly when my work-world changed. Taking on new responsibilities also meant a move from a receptionist style office with a counter and window facing the lobby, with no natural lighting.

The new digs are connected to two offices, each with exterior windows. Except on the rare occasion when they have closed-door meetings, these windows are my ticket to checking the weather and seeing life outside of this building.

7800 Packers Cardinals

The Packers versus Cardinals met each other in the playoffs the season before last. This dates the entry sometime in the winter of 2015-2016. I don’t recall who won the game, but I do know the winner didn’t go on to Super Bowl greatness. Regardless, the game was exciting to watch.

7824) Flexible hiking plans
7837) Jay building a fire at my request
7842) Time to read Plum Island

Some of my favorite things – hiking, reading, and kicking back in front of a blazing fireplace! Reviewing this list is a good reminder that I haven’t read anything by Nelson DeMille in a while. The stories he writes are a bit heavier than I typically read, but every now and again I enjoy settling in for a long read with one of my favorite recurring characters, John Corey – an NYPD retiree who’s contract work always puts him in the middle of terror investigations

7854) Coffee
7860) Gently falling snow, consistently all day long
7872) Sledding

7800 Snow

I never claimed moving offices did my productivity any good. Thankfully my coworkers don’t seem to mind when I get excited about any amount of snow we may get. This past winter we got very little accumulation, but the prior winter provided enough for this kid-at-heart to go sledding!

7886) Laughter as a coping strategy
7898) Heated blanket

While some of my gratitude entries are specific enough to take me back to a particular moment, others remind me of the blessing of constant comforts in my life. The same item may appear over and over – and trust me, my heated blanket does – but I consider each and every time I pause to consider it a blessing in its own right.

YOUR TURN: What in your life has recently caused you to pause in a moment of gratitude?