Even from a young age, I’ve always admired the flashy. My childhood idol, Miss Elizabeth, always wore a sparkly dress each time she appeared on Macho Man’s arm. Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff’s character on Knight Rider) not only drove a sports car, but Kitt (the car) TALKED.

Being born in a decade where even big hair was celebrated, I struggle to see the value in small things. I’m not referring to the tiny little box under the Christmas tree – chances are that’s something stellar. Rather, I mean the day-in and day-out dedication which seems insignificant at the time.

In the past, I’ve served in obvious ministries such as feeding the homeless or traveling with my church’s disaster relief. These days, however, I don’t think the things I do count for much. When pressed, I’ll admit that no one (but perhaps me) is counting. When others do so-called “little” things for me, I appreciate them, but am quick to discount them as true service when I’m the one behind the act.

As the quote attributed to Mother Teresa says: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

What small things have made a big impact in your life recently?

I love reading stories of how others spread love in the world, especially when the ideas are duplicatable in my own life.